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Unique travel management company: Academia Travel.<br/>We help the staff in educational sector plan their trips.  <br/>We provide smart travel solutions for corporate & business trips.

We are a unique business travel management company
providing services for university & college staff

"We grew up together. One became a professor, the other a manager in the travel industry. Then one day the professor sparked an idea that would revolutionize travel for fellow academics..."

Co-founders of Academia Travel

We met in school at age 13 and immediately became fast friends. Right from the start we were on the same wave-length.

After reaching adulthood, we went our separate ways professionally but remained to this day as close as ever personally.

One conversation we won't soon forget.

A while back, we got to talking about our respective fields when suddenly the flood gates opened and the professor started going on and on about all the obstacles he faced as an academic when it came to travel.

The primary problem, he explained, is that there was no one at his university dedicated to facilitating travel arrangements. Instead, it was just a peripheral function of Human Resources.

As a result, he'd often get booked in a hotel far from the place he'd made the trip to visit. And the room itself would be far from ideal, as well.

And as for flight connections and routes, he observed that they tended to be "much more pretzel-shaped than as-the-crow-flies."

A great opportunity to be seized.

It soon became clear that there was a widespread, unmet need for much better travel services tailored to academics. So the two of us began to brainstorm solutions.

After months of researching the market, creating business models and evaluating their effectiveness, we formed Academia Travel.

The first travel company to focus solely on serving the education sector.

We determined that Academia Travel should specialize exclusively in serving education professionals, academics, researchers, recruiting managers–everyone who operates in the education sector.

We know that academics demand (but seldom get) service that is prompt, reliable, easy, accessible and accountable. So, along with utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate our operations, we're firmly committed to providing service that surprises clients by consistently exceeding their expectations.

Each brought his own expertise to the table.

In addition to extensive research in learning the needs and wishes of academics, our professor brings an insider's perspective that is equally valuable. Over the past 20 years, he's held teaching positions with universities in the UK and throughout Europe, as well as in South America and Africa.

Our travel expert has over a decade's experience in the travel industry throughout Europe. He's played managerial roles in various capacities, and his experience spans many different facets of the business, from purchasing and operations to event management.

Coming full circle.

Little could we have imagined as 13 year olds that even though our paths would diverge after school, we would one day create a company that brought our separate worlds together. Such is the fascinating, unpredictable nature of life!

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